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Paddle Technique Training

  1. Hcc The Dragon Boat.MOV Advanced Men's Team - High Difficulty
  2. Cigna Dragon Boat Team Captain Benjamin Paddle Technique Training Demonstration
  3. Dragon Boat Paddling Basics-Team UEAA Paddle Technique Training Demonstration
  4. Dragon Boat Technique-Dragon Max Women's Team Demonstrates Smooth Stroke
  5. Dragon Max - Demonstrates Violent Stroke - Advanced Mixed Team Finish Stroke
  6. VTS 011 - Advanced Technique Mixed Team 39 second clip
  7. How to Paddle - Paddle Technique training indoors

Documentation For New Team Members

Dragon Boat QuickStart for New and Existing Members

The Dragon Boat Quickstart is a free report you can request to help any Dragon Boat paddler equip themselves with the right knowledge and gear. In the report you will find:

  • The terminology most commonly used in Dragon Boating
  • How to find the right paddle that fits you
  • The 5 essential items to get for Dragon Boating

This is an informative website covering topics on just about everything you would want to know to get started in the sport of dragon boat such as paddle reviews, clothing, bags, etc. as well as informative information for the seasoned paddler on training, diet, paddle technique, etc. and is worth taking time to review. By submitting your name and email you will receive their free Quickstart introduction to the sport of dragon boat and a quick review of basic information you need to know to get started in the sport of dragon boat.

About the Grand Masters Dragon Boat Club & Member Teams

The Grand Masters Dragon Boat Club provides services and a forum for all of The Villages' dragon boat teams that are listed as follows including our Black Sheep Marines team. The GMDBC meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm @ Sea Breeze Recreation Center and you are encouraged to attend on behalf of our team.

GMDBC Team Website Links

Silver Dragons

Leatherneck Warriors


Song Dedicated to the Black Sheep Marines 2012 Year (play on the Home Page)

Lyrics to Hall of Fame by The Script